|Nutritionist on ‘Intuitive Eating’: Deprivation Is Out|LAUGHABLE: Hakeem Jeffries Says House Democrats Are Fighting to Make Life More Affordable for Americans | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance|Las Vegas man caught sexually assaulting woman inside shed was stopped by group of men and then stabbed to death, police say | Blaze Media|Appeals court rejects Steve Bannon’s request to delay prison sentence|Bob Good promises recount and investigation into Virginia primary|‘Find Peace and Simplicity’ by Adopting Tenets of the Homesteader Lifestyle|Spending on the Homeless in Portland, Oregon Has Reached Shocking Levels – Why Do They Still Have a Problem? | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance|Russia–North Korea Defense Pact to ‘Prolong War in Ukraine’: Warfare Analyst|Soros-backed DA will not file charges against college student who lethally stabbed homeless man caught robbing cars | Blaze Media|Federal Judge to Hear Arguments on Lawfulness of Jack Smith Appointment

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