|Impeachment Game Changer? Congress presses to see if US intel warned Biden of son’s business deals|‘Crazy gaslighting’: Foes of Biden gender identity mandate predict strength in numbers, court wins|Biofuels industry bet on federal mandates to create demand, but now it now struggles to stay afloat|Chinese organized crime increasingly becomes an issue in the US|Another report says CBP, ICE not detaining, removing inadmissibles flying into country|Senators Seek State Sponsor of Terrorism Status for Russia|Houston Police: 2 Suspects Arrested for Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl|Southern China Hit by Record Flood, at Least 9 Dead|WATCH: Driver PLOWS Through Cyclists, Caught on Camera|REPORT: Support for Biden AMONG WOMEN Now the Lowest for Any Democrat Since 2004 | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance


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