|School district blocks Libs of TikTok domain after being confronted about pornographic books they’re offering kids|Most voters say Virginia Democrat who live streamed sex acts for tips should drop out of race: Poll|Don’t Fall for the Illusion of Leftward Drift|Austria to buy four Embraer C-390 cargo planes for over $500 million|UK Parliament Asks Rumble to Demonetize Russell Brand; CEO Gives EPIC Response|Dinesh D’ Souza to Release New Film “Police State” Next Month, a Chilling Account of America’s Political Persecution – Watch Teaser Trailer and Buy Your Tickets Here (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger|Biden’s Own Justice Hammers Him with the Constitution – Supreme Court Drops 9-0 Ruling to ALLOW Judges More Leniency In Sentencing Certain Charges|Did Poland Just Torpedo NATO And Ukraine? | The Gateway Pundit | by Larry Johnson|Bryn Mawr College Launching 59-Point Plan to Combat ‘Privilege and Oppression Perpetuated at the College’|BRICS is part of the plan to reshape the world economy; it was launched decades ago by Goldman Sachs
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